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J. Reuben Silverbird
( In Memoiren)

Ambassador For Peace J. Reuben Silverbird: The son of a Nedhni Apache Wise Man, and Cherokee Medicine Woman.
Unlike most Natives in the 1900′s, his parents were highly recognized and praised thespians,
singers and musicians in the southwestern states of Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado.
His first appearance on stage came at age 6:
a path where he has remained and distinguished himself ever since.
He has appeared on Stage, Film and TV in the USA, Europe and Asia, with stars such as:
Diana Ross, Eartha Kit as well as solo one man shows, singing his own original compositions.
He plays guitar, flute and other percussive instruments during his Native Spiritual Musical Concerts.
He travels to the Four Corners of Mother Earth, with The Universal Peace Federation.
He is attached to the United Nations as an NGO, (Non-Governmental Organization);
he is only one of the countless women and men Ambassadors who speak on behalf of
“Love and Peace throughout the world today.”
He has been invited to speak and received plaudits from “The International Spiritualist Federation”
as well as from Los Angeles Roy W. Dean “From the Heart Productions” for his original film work
production in process: “Spiritual Words of Wisdom”.
Mr. Silverbird is also an accomplished Orator, and has spoken at leading Universities such as:
Columbia, Stanford, in Vienna, Austria and Geneva, Switzerland.
His subjects are intertwined with words of wisdom,
and always a touch of humor that he learned from his father;
by sitting in, as a child, and listening to him speak on delicate Religious issues
with Bishops and other Catholic Clergy Officials, as well as Politics with leading Politicians of that era.
As a result of this training, his mind is gifted with a wealth of material that helps him
be at ease with any size audience or in the company of Dignitaries such as:
Governor John B Connelly, President Arafat, The Dalai Lama, Bobby Kennedy and Governor Clinton,
when he decided to campaign for the Presidency.
Countless other City Officials from major cities on his world travels have greeted him
and applauded his dedication to his work of love for peace amongst all peoples.
Some Subjects covered in Seminars ”Healing Power of Music, Song and Dance”
“The Power of the Mind to heal the body”
“Healing through Meditation, Silence and Thought”
“Creating Strong Family Roots between Parents and Children”
“Learn to see the unseen, speak the unspoken word and hear that which is unheard”.
“Positive versus Negative”

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